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Academy of Climate Change Education and Research



Details of Course

The Postgraduate Programe in BSc-M.Sc (Integrated) Climate Change Adaptation is the first of its kind among the State Agricultural Universities across the Country. Many discussions were held across the table including the brain storming sessions at the institutional level and personal level with technical people for more than a year before a syllabus is finished and approved by the University as per the Kerala Agricultural University regulations.

With strong basics in physical and biosciences and climate system modeling during the first two years and thereafter with sound course content in applications during the last two years in various society linked sectors including electives and last one year research in climate change adaptation, the students with the above background will be immensely benefited and become professionally competent in the field of climate change adaptation and mitigation in various society linked sectors.

There is need to expertise in such new generation course for understanding the climate impacts and minimizing the impact losses so as to achieve the goal of food security and improved livelihoods under the projected global climate change scenario. ACCER will serve a nodal center dealing with climate change education, research and capacity building in all the aspects of climate risk management. It also provide information to the planners for implementing strategies to mitigate the ill effects of postgraduates in the field of emerging science as a part of the human resource development, to build capacity in all the aspects of climate change education, research and management on a mission node with multi-disciplinary approach and multi institutional support of national and international level.

This programe uses innovative educational approaches to help a broad audience (with particular focus on youth), understand, address, mitigate, and adapt to the impacts of climate change, encourage the changes in attitudes and behaviors needed to put our world on a more sustainable development path, and build a new generation of climate change aware citizens.