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Academy of Climate Change Education and Research



The Kerala Agricultural University is committed to develop trained manpower for the research and extension needs connected with the sustained development of Indian Agriculture ,with the global climate change becoming a looming reality in agriculture and allied sectors,it is now our bounden duty to develop sustainable and replicable mitigation strategies to minimize its detrimental effects on our food and nutritional security.climate change caused by global warming, rising population, declining productivity and depleting natural resources are the new head wind we have to address the real challenges, therefore is to optimize the problems created by this is leads to design this course.

Establishment of the Academy Of Climate Change And Education is one of the pioneering efforts of the Kerala Agricultural University to tackle the myriad challenges posed by a changing climate.The Bsc-Msc climate change adaptation program of KAU is designed to reduce and control the world climate change sector. Our students are trained for the best in class in the field of climate science. They proved that they possess the potential to do various programmes in the field of climate science in all sectors.

Dr. P. Rajendran
Vice Chancellor